Cape Town

Business, Economics and Jobs

Sandbag housing in South Africa

A South African design team has come up with a plan for building affordable housing -- using sandbags. But the houses may still cost more than the South African government can afford. Correspondent Terry Fitzpatrick reports for The World from Cape Town.

Global Politics

South Africa and AIDS

South Africa's former leaders were criticized for downplaying the AIDS epidemic there. Now a new president and a new health minister are taking a different approach to fighting the disease. Rhoda Metcalfe reports on The World.


Poaching abalone in South Africa

Abalone is considered a seafood delicacy and an aphrodisiac in Asia and it's found in South African waters, but the demand for the small sea snail is so great, that South Africa's abalone is threatened

Home Invasion, Baboon-style

Baboons and humans are butting heads in Cape Town, South Africa. Scores of the feisty primates have left nature preserves on the outskirts of town and are roaming neighborhoods, sometimes entering homes in search of food. Many residents are up in arms abo