Ubiquitous Maggi seasoning reminds people the world over of home

Maggi seasoning is popular among American immigrants of all kinds of nationalities -- and they all think of it as coming from home. But, in reality, few American immigrants are from the actual home of Maggi seasoning. But, for some reason, it still reminds each of them of where they've come from.



In Brooklyn, a big Muslim voice sounds out against terror


New York has immigrants from around the world, including huge numbers who practice Islam. Many Muslim communities here faced heavy-handed law enforcement tactics after 9/11, but they've since worked hard to defuse tensions and improve relations with federal and local authorities. The rise of ISIS as some community advocates furious.


You don't need a big town to find a Koreatown

There are pockets of Korean communities all over the US, places where food and culture make you think you're in Seoul. Chef Deuki Hong and food writer Matt Rodbard set out on a journey across America looking for Koreatowns. They wrote a cookbook about these places and the cuisine made there.