Global Scan

Another gang rape in India, with a complex twist

A woman was sentenced by elders to a public gang rape in her village in the West Bengal area to punish her for an affair. India's Supreme Court is investigating. A signal room in London's Underground gets flooded, with quick-drying cement. And an artist is painting and placing cut-outs of immigrant workers around LA. All that and more, in today's Global Scan.


Dual epidemics threaten Australia's koalas

Australia's koalas are under threat from two different diseases, one of which is familiar to humans. Koalas are frequently being infected with chlamydia -- and it may decimate the population. But new research, and a new vaccine, gives hope they may be saved.

Geo answer

The answer to today's Geo Quiz is Mount Isa a small mining town located in the northwest of Queensland, Australia. The mayor of Mount Isa sparked a controversy when he suggested a solution to the town's gender imbalance, as Lisa Mullins explains.

Harvesting water from rooftops

The World's Jason Margolis reports that in many parts of the globe where water is scarce, people are boosting their supply by harvesting rainwater from their rooftops