Conflict & Justice

Eastern Europe's Bloodlands'

The opening of Soviet and East European archives has provided historians a tidal wave of new information about the crimes of Soviet leader Josef Stalin. Brigid McCarthy reports on one historian's work.

Arts, Culture & Media

Berlin + Barack = Love?

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama speaks in the heart of downtown Berlin, the city that was once the symbol of the Cold War divide. The Takeaway talks to Berliner Bjoern Kolle for a look at how the city has changed and how it views America's presidential race. Guest: Bjoern Kolle, spokesman for The Love Parade

Global Politics

Barack Obama marathon hits Berlin

American presidents Kennedy, Reagan and Clinton all addressed Berliners during moments of struggle and change. Now, a presumptive presidential nominee is using Berlin as a backdrop for his campaign. After meeting with leaders in Afghanistan, Iraq, Jordan, Israel and the West Bank, Obama hits the European continent amidst a frenzy of Obama-mania.

Global Politics

Why are Germans so excited about Barack Obama?

Today in Berlin, Barack Obama meets with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Foreign Minister Walter Steinmeier. He's also holding the only major public event of his trip at the Victory Tower (with room for an audience of tens of thousands). Why are German citizens and top officials making time for a presidential candidate?