Red Sox defeated by Baltimore

Frank Schorr, director of the Sports Institute at Boston University and the former executive producer at Channel 7, and Matt Sullivan, superfan and Red Sox blogger, give their analysis of the game.


On Thin Ice

Representatives of more than 60 countries put their heads together to address the science and politics of the melting Polar Regions.

Global Politics

The royal vows have been taken

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have taken their vows. The World's Laura Lynch mingled with the crowd outside Buckingham Palace and tells anchor Marco Werman how people celebrated the royal wedding.

Arts, Culture & Media

Irish village

The Geo Quiz has us searching for the name of a seaside village in County Cork, Ireland. This village is sometimes called the stolen village. That goes back to an incident in the 17th century when Algerian pirates ransacked the place.

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Your Take: Leaving Facebook?

Facebook may have lost six million American users during May according to a group that tracks the site. While this is just a small percent of the social network's 700 million users world wide, we asked listeners why they may have left the site.