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An Iraqi who served the US military gets a new life, and gender identity, in America

In Iraq, Salma was officially considered a man. She is intersex — someone born with indeterminate gender — and has chosen to live as a woman. After serving as an interpreter for the US military during the Iraq war, she received death threats and a grant of asylum in the US. Now, a new program is helping her and other lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) refugees establish new lives in America.


Iraq prepares for the Inauguration

Obama-mania is hitting the world as the inauguration of the 44th President gets underway. For a look at how Iraqis are viewing the change in power in the United States, we are joined by BBC Correspondent Jonny Dymond from Baghdad.


Is Iraq too volatile for elections?

More than 127 people died due to a series of coordinated car bomb attacks in Iraq. The bombers struck after Iraqi lawmakers voted to hold parliamentary elections. But are elections the best course of action for the volatile country? We get two views.