Obama can't talk about Apple vs. the FBI, but now we know where he stands

President Barack Obama became the first sitting US president to speak at the annual South by Southwest festival on Friday and called on the tech entrepreneurs in the audience to think of ways to make government work better through technology. But what was on the mind of many was the case between Apple and the FBI. And, while not addressing specifics, Obama offered his thoughts about the larger privacy vs. security debate and it's clear where he stands — and that's with the FBI.


The faces of youth activism from SXSW

On any given day at the South by Southwest festival in Austin, activists know they have an audience for their causes. We've been asking young people on the street, "What was the last protest you attended?"


Texas Green

In Austin, renewable energy is now cheaper than oil or gas, and residents want to cash in on it.

The Future of the Ecological Landscape

Though 2020 is just ten years away, the stress we're putting on the planet may make the ecological landscape of the next decade dramatically different. Living on Earth looks ahead to future consumption patterns, agriculture in a world of fewer resources,

Conflict & Justice

Who is leading Libya's revolution

They've been referred to as the rebels, pro-democracy forces and Gaddafi-government opposition. But who is leading Libya's opposition? Bayless Parsley is the Africa Analyst with Stratfor. He speaks with host Lisa Mullins about the Libyan opposition.