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London to shrink Olympic Stadium after games conclude

In the history of Olympic Stadiums there have been booms and busts. Atlanta's Olympic Stadium became the home of the Atlanta Braves, but the Montreal Olympic stadium is widely regarded as a white elephant. London's hoping to be more like Atlanta, and they're reducing the size of the stadium by one-fourth to help that.


Global Politics

CDC May Recommend Routine Circumcision

To slow the spread of HIV, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention may begin recommending circumcisions for all infant boys. The Takeaway is joined by Dana Goldstein of The American Prospect and Roy Gulick of New York-Presbyterian Hospital.

Conflict & Justice

The high cost of foreclosure

It's no secret that many low-income American families than are facing foreclosure. But there's a new problem that is making it even tougher for those families to navigate housing court: a shortage of free legal aid attorneys to represent them.