Three students slain in Bangladesh attacks shared ties in the US

Bengali American Sultana Begum knew the two Emory University students, and one UC-Berkeley student, who were killed by militants in Dhaka, Bangladesh. She says the Bengali presence at Emory is small, but representative of a diaspora with strong cultural and family ties to Bangladesh. And she worries that the secular quality of their country is being threatened.


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Robot Bouncer

Rufus Terrill, owner of O'Terrill's Bar in Atlanta, talks to Faith about the remote-controlled robot he's invented to fight crime in his neighborhood.


Robot bouncer

Faith talks to Rufus Terrill, owner of O'Terrill's Bar in Atlanta, about the remote-controlled robot he's invented to fight crime in his neighborhood.

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Geo answer

In today's Geo Quiz we asked what the five busiest airports are. When it comes to international traffic, the most bustling are: Number 5: Hong Kong, Number 4: Frankfurt, Number 3: Amsterdam, Number 2: the Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris...And the number one busiest airport, it serves 62 million passengers a year, is London's Heathrow Airport.

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Geo Quiz and answer

President Obama gave each leader at the G-20 summit a present. Each got a glass tree. For today's Geo Quiz, we ask where the artist made them. The answer? Atlanta, Georgia. Anchor Jeb Sharp speaks with Peter Post, director of the Emily Post Institute.

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How do you get your election news?

The times they are a-changin'. It's a quick-hit, fast-paced world and getting information isn't what it used to be. For a professor in Atlanta, this historic election cycle has been a chance to watch how new and first-time voters have become engaged with the democratic process?and the tools they are using to stay informed.

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Blogging While Brown is the first conference for bloggers of color

The Blogging While Brown conference is on until Sunday, where, for the first time, bloggers of color from around the world have united in Atlanta to discuss their influence on the media and elections. Guest: Gina McCauley blogs at What About Our Daughters, She's also the organizer of the first Blogging While Brown conference in Atlanta, July 25?27, 2008.