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Iran: Understanding the Unrest

To help put Iran's unrest into perspective, The Takeaway turns to three voices from the Iranian and Iranian-American community: Kelly Niknejad, founder of Tehran Bureau, Amir Farokhi, an attorney, and ?Nahzi,' an artist who wishes to remain anonymous.

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On the Beach

Wall-sized color seascapes of water, sky, sand, and bathers make up Richard Misrach's photographs called On the Beach. An exhibit opens next week at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta. Misrach might be the prototypical California artist -- surfer, Berkeley alumnus, VW bus owner -- but Studio 360's Sarah Lilley discovered that Misrach's "On the Beach" photos are more complicated than they look.


Will Michael Vick Go to The Dogs?

Michael Vick was released from prison in Leavenworth, Kansas yesterday morning after being locked up for 19 months on charges related to running a dog fighting ring. So what's next for this fallen Atlanta Falcons superstar?

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Geo answer

In today's Geo Quiz we asked what the five busiest airports are. When it comes to international traffic, the most bustling are: Number 5: Hong Kong, Number 4: Frankfurt, Number 3: Amsterdam, Number 2: the Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris...And the number one busiest airport, it serves 62 million passengers a year, is London's Heathrow Airport.


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London to shrink Olympic Stadium after games conclude

In the history of Olympic Stadiums there have been booms and busts. Atlanta's Olympic Stadium became the home of the Atlanta Braves, but the Montreal Olympic stadium is widely regarded as a white elephant. London's hoping to be more like Atlanta, and they're reducing the size of the stadium by one-fourth to help that.