Division developing between main Islamist parties in Egypt

As Egypt struggles to move to democratic government, the Islamist parties of the Muslim Brotherhood and the Salafis, who together won the majority of the Parliamentary seats, are trying to emphasize the differences between the more moderate brotherhood and the more hard line Salafis.

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Any Last Words?

Last week novelist Timothy Schaffert spoke with Kurt Andersen about his new novel, The Coffins of Little Hope. Inspired, we asked you to provide the first sentence to your own obituary.

Conflict & Justice

Protecting evidence in Egypt

Protesters in Egypt stormed several state security buildings over the weekend to stop the destruction of documents that could be used in the prosecution of former members of the Mubarak government. The World's Matthew Bell reports from Cairo.

Conflict & Justice

Escaping Libya

The turmoil in the north African country of Libya figures in today's Geo Quiz: Many are now fleeing the unrest, streaming into several different countries. We're looking for the names of some of those places...