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Women & Girls

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Coronavirus cases pass 1 million; poor communities left vulnerable; love in the time of corona

Global cases of the novel coronavirus have surged past 1 million. In the US, economists predict 30 million people could be out of work by the end of April. Poor communities in Kenya feel particularly vulnerable as the coronavirus spreads and the government enforces brutal crackdown measures. And love in the time of coronavirus: From video-chat first dates to impromptu cohabitation, love will find a way.

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Stepping out of coronavirus lockdown; President Putin — for life; A sanctuary for migrants in Greece burns down

After spending almost six weeks indoors on lockdown due to coronavirus, what's it like to see the sun again? One California family in China found out last week. And, changes to the Russian Constitution could let President Vladimir Putin run for office again. And in US election news, former Vice President Joe Biden made big gains in Tuesday's primaries. An activist group in Honduras is hoping to change the country's legal system with a case that challenges how the LGBTQ community is treated.

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Italy moves to lock down entire country to contain coronavirus; Saudi Arabia's oil war could see backlash; Women 'disappear' in strike protesting inequality and violence

The entire country of Italy is on lockdown in an effort to contain the novel coronavirus — a unprecedented move for a democracy. Also, Saudi Arabia's oil price wars are risky for the global economy — and Saudi itself. But that seems to be Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman's style. And diplomatic relations between the US and Iran are stalled, but Iran's government buildings in Washington, DC, hold stories of wild parties.


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