Layers of snow are shown along the edge of Thwaites Glacier

Into the Thaw: Decoding Thwaites Glacier

A journey to the massive Antarctic glacier's future, and ours.

Antarctica's massive Thwaites Glacier could add one to two feet of global sea level rise in the next 50 to 100 years.

A voyage by icebreaker to the remote glacier's face is laying the groundwork for a 5-year international research effort to try to answer urgent questions about Thwaites' future.

The World's Carolyn Beeler is our guide to the journey, the science, and the stakes for our future.

Into the Thaw: Decoding Thwaites Glacier

Antarctica Dispatch 4: Fieldwork begins, cue the seals

​​​​​​​How quickly will Antarctica’s massive Thwaites Glacier melt, and what will that mean for global sea levels and coastal cities? Researchers are sailing toward Thwaites this month on the first leg of a five-year, international effort to try to answer that pressing question, and along the way they’re enlisting local seals as research assistants.


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