Washington NFL team retires racial slur from its name and logo

It’s a demand that Indigenous activists have been demanding for years. But it may be too early to call it a victory. “...Until we actually see what that replacement is, I think it’s probably too early to celebrate," said Tristan Ahtone, president of the Native American Journalists Association. "The team still could come back with native-themed imagery."

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Protesters rally against protective measures; preventing economic collapse in Africa; Canadian nurses in Detroit

In the US and Brazil, protesters demonstrated against social distancing, while Israelis took a stand against anti-democratic measures. Africa is expected to experience its first recession in 25 years. And, immigrant health care workers are critical to the UK and the US, but the coronavirus — and Brexit — could limit their ability to work. Also, how do pro athletes keep fit during lockdown?

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Trump extends restrictions through April; Africa’s most populous city on lockdown; In Senegal, COVID-19 safety measures conflict with cultural traditions

Despite earlier statements suggesting the US would be ready to open back up again by Easter, US President Donald Trump announced restrictions to prevent the spread of the coronavirus will be extended until the end of April. And in Russia, where critics have argued that the country is underreporting coronavirus cases, health authorities in Moscow have ordered residents to stay at home. Also, how are you dealing with life under quarantine? Sing along with us in our version of “Sweet Caroline.”