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Lullabies are not only for children, they're for adults, too

Lullabies are just a part of parenting, and growing up. We spoke with Kathy Henderson, collector of lullabies from around the world. It's part of our "Ninth Month" series on pregnancy and childbirth. And try out The World's Lullabies app — where you can join others in recording, sharing and listening to lullabies from different regions of the globe.

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Share your lullaby with the world

As part of The Ninth Month, is inviting you to share the lullabies your remember best. Was it one you sung to your own child? Or maybe one your remember your mom singing to a sibling. Share a link to a video or even sing right into your computer.

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How old were you when you had your first child?

As part of our project, The Ninth Month, we're looking at when women give birth for the first time. The United Nations gathered this data on when women in developing countries had their first children, and while it doesn't cover every country, it does cover a wide swath of the developing world.