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For some, prenatal care is a community affair

Prenatal care consumes a big part of a pregnant woman's life. There are the monthly appointments, the tests — all on top of whatever is going on at home. And it can be overwhelming. But a new program, called Centering Pregnancy, tries to ease that burden by putting women in groups for their prenatal care.

Health & Medicine

Delaying pregnancy in the US and around the world

In a new report, the CDC has confirmed that the average age at which American women deliver their first babies has increased in the last 40 years. The World and The Forum at the Harvard School of Public Health team up this week to discuss the repercussions of delaying pregnancy and parenthood in the United States and around the world.

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Birth Stories Without Borders

We want to tell stories of people around the world giving birth. Take a minute and tell us what it was like when you gave birth — or when your child was born. Or call up your mom and ask her what it was like when you were born. And explore the stories we've received already.