The Army is getting serious about cyberwarfare

Modern war isn't always fought on a physical battlefield, and the US Army is making new moves to try and keep hackers and cyber attacks away from its computers. Yet some of these vital battles are being fought by young men and women who are new to the field themselves.


Facebook annexed Kosovo — and that’s a good thing

Getting your country recognized by the United Nations is an important step for global recognition. But it may be a bigger deal when Facebook acknowledges statehood. That's just what happened for Kosovo. Now when you tag your friends in a photo at a posh bar in Pristina, you can list Kosovo as the location.


I'm not Edward Snowden, I just play him on TV

Arnas Fedaravičius is a 23-year-old actor who plays "James Snow," a character on a Russian spy mini-series who seems suspiciously like former NSA contractor Edward Snowden. So what's it's like to be Snowden, right down to the glasses?


Meet the hacking prodigy you definitely want on your side

Chris Doman doesn't want to scare you, but cyber attacks are only getting worse. That's why some hackers like him are pouring their time into "network defense," trying to keep out cyber intruders that want to steal everything from credit card numbers to industrial secrets.