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Longreads on Conflict

The whole story.

A yearlong in-depth series aimed at revealing the full extent of the humanitarian toll from major conflicts in the Middle East, and investigating the responsibility borne by governments and leaders in both the region and the world. Here we give the space needed for correspondents to tell the whole story in text, video, audio, photographs and graphics.


  • Project Editor: Peter Gelling
  • GlobalPost Editor: Lizzy Tomei
  • Social Media Editor: Timothy McGrath


With US help, Saudi Arabia is obliterating Yemen

More than 2,600 civilians have been killed in the civil war in Yemen, most from air strikes by the Saudi-led coalition backed by the US. Global Post reporter Sharif Abdel Kouddous is just back from Yemen, and tells the story of one air strike that targeted a home where a wedding was taking place.

Global Politics

The Iran accord is going to change everything

Iran is the world’s most misunderstood country. It has been cut off from the West for decades, and during that period much of the world press, with limited access, has joined to demonize it. But after the US and five other world powers signed a landmark accord with Iran, misconceptions are beginning to erode, writes author Stephen Kinzer.

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