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Inside the National Recording Registry

A look at the Library of Congress’ most significant recordings. Produced in partnership with BMP Audio.

The album that became a Civil Rights anthem. The recording that became a comedy bible. The radio drama that broke all the rules. Every year the Library of Congress chooses a few recordings to preserve in the National Recording Registry. Studio 360's Peabody Award winning series takes you behind the music. 
Produced in partnership with BMP Audio, with support from the Library of Congress.

Arts, Culture & Media

Link Wray: Rumble

This guitar instrumental altered the course of rock music. The story of Link Wray and "Rumble," from 1958, is told by guitarist Steven Van Zandt, bassist James Hutchinson, and writer ...

Arts, Culture & Media

The 2,000 Year Old Man

This 1961 comedy routine by Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner is about a man so old, he once knew Jesus — personally — and dated Joan of Arc. Billy Crystal and Rob Reiner explain why "2000 Y...


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