The trolls are winning. GamerGate case will not go to trial.

In the last year and a half the female CEO of the game development studio Giant Spacekat, says she has received more than 200 death threats, adding that she gets rape threats “constantly.” However, she feels that the larger GamerGate movement goes beyond individuals, arguing that it is connected to the role of women in gaming.


A former UN climate chief's promotion has set off renewed fury over sexual harassment allegations in India

If you've been following the climate change debate for a while, Rajendra Pachauri should be familiar. He's the former chair of the UN panel on climate change. Last February, he was accused of sexual harassment by a researcher who worked at his institute in India. An internal investigation found him guilty and Pachauri stepped down. Now a new allegation has been made.


Why I finally 'came out' as Dalit — and what happened next

Despite the fact that caste discrimination is illegal in India, Yashica Dutt's parents encouraged her to "pass" as upper caste to access better opportunities. But hiding her Dalit identity was taking its toll. So she came out on Facebook, sparking a huge conversation that's still ongoing.