Global Satire

Global Satire looks at world events through the lens of political cartoons, comedy, graphic journalism and wit (ha-ha and dark) in all its forms. Our focus is every corner of the globe. The idea is to explore what satirists around the world are poking fun at, or darkly laying bare. Our assumption is that a cartoon, joke, or wry comment can explain a vexing political issue as well (and often better) than any amount of punditry. Created by Carol Hills. 


Eddie Izzard will make you laugh in four languages

Back in 1997 Eddie Izzard took the stage in France and did an entire set of stand-up in French. It wasn't funny, he admits, but it was the start of a career goal to do stand-up in as many languages as possible. Eddie comes on the World in Words podcast this week to talk about language learning and translating humor.


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