At the UN review of US human rights, the Trump administration gets an earful

For the Trump administration, the UPR is a final chance for it to defend its policies — and “America first” attitude — to the global community. And while the Trump administration claims it has made gains in human rights, representatives from evaluating countries listed events which, they said, run counter to that narrative.

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China congratulates Biden; UN issues warning on Tigray; Ghana's Jerry Rawlings passes away

China has congratulated US President-elect Joe Biden, becoming one of the last major countries to do so. The UN warned Friday that fighting between the Ethiopian government and rebel leaders in the northern province of Tigray could spiral out of control. And, Jerry John Rawlings, who ruled Ghana for 20 years after taking control in two coups, died Thursday at an Accra hospital.

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Biden narrowly seizes electoral edge; US daily new COVID-19 cases hits record; Myanmar voters set for election

Joe Biden, the former vice president and current Democratic presidential candidate, has narrowly eclipsed Republican President Donald Trump in vote counting for the closely contested states of Georgia and Pennsylvania. The number of daily new COVID-19 infections in the US hit a record high of more than 120,000 positive tests. And, voters in Myanmar prepared to cast their ballots Sunday.