Geo answer: Belgium

The answer to today's Geo Quiz is Belgium. The World's David Leveille explains that the country's national airline has decided to slow down their airplanes to cut fuel consumption.


Biofuel vs. Food?

Host Lisa Mullins speaks with Jean Ziegler, the United Nations "Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food" about how biofuel production may be contributing to the global food crisis.


Rick Weiss

Faith talks to Washington Post reporter Rick Weiss about new ways in which genes themselves are testifying in court and the future of DNA testing in the criminal justice system.


Bee trouble in Britain

Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with Tim Lovett of the British Beekeeping Association about the danger that honey bee populations might collapse in Britain; the same problem wiped out millions of bees in the United States last year.

Arts, Culture & Media

Yung Chang

Faith talks to filmmaker Yung Chang about his new documentary Up the Yangtze, in which describes the impact China's Three Gorges Dam construction is having on the surrounding areas.