Flooding and the human footprint

As floods reach record levels in the Midwest, thousands of people have been displaced. Homes, businesses and crops have been destroyed. Are humans partly to blame for this increased risk of flooding? The Takeaway turns to Robert Holmes, National Flood Coordinator for the U.S. Geological Survey, for the answers.


Geo answer - Elephanthus

For today's Geo Quiz -- we're looking for the Scandinavian city that's home to one of Europe's oldest zoos. It's Copenhagen. The city's zoo recently opened its new Elephanthus, a 50-million dollar elephant-friendly facility, as Deirdre Kennedy reports.


Cedar Rapids evacuees come home, sort of

In Cedar Rapids, Iowa ? among the hardest hit by flooding so far ? the water that forced nearly 24,000 people from their homes is starting to recede. Still, thousands of residents remain unsure as to when they can return to their home for good. The Takeaway talks to one of those uncertain residents, Mary Dickinson.