Floating hospitals

Anchor Lisa Mullins tells us how a businessman in Scotland is helping cyclone survivors in Myanmar: he's donated two cruise boats to be converted into floating hospitals.


Kenya's elephant problem

Kenyan farmers are troubled by their newest neighbors � elephants: a growing elephant population is destroying crops and creating violent confrontations, as Jessica Partnow reports on a plan to reign in the pachyderms.


Gary Marcus

Faith talks to NYU psychologist Gary Marcus about why he thinks the brain is more a cobbled-together product of evolutionary tinkering than some ideal natural design, as explained in his new book "Kluge."


Earthquake rescue efforts

Troops and rescue workers in southwestern China are struggling to reach areas devastated by a powerful earthquake yesterday; Anchor Lisa Mullins gets an update from The BBC's Michael Bristow in Sichuan province.


Cyclone aftermath

Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with a BBC reporter in Rangoon about the aftermath of the cyclone and the relief efforts there, as hundreds of thousands of people in the region are still without shelter, ten days after the disaster.


Chinese earthquake death roll rises to 10,000

More than 12,000 are dead in the Sichuan province alone in the 7.9 earthquake that struck southwestern China yesterday. Rescue efforts are being stalled by rain throughout the region, which is expected for the next few days. China says it would welcome international help, but even their own people are having trouble getting to the affected regions.

Global Politics

Burma aid effort

Jack Chance reports from the Thai town of Mae Sot, which has become a hub for aid agencies trying to get into Burma; the government is allowing shipments of food and supplies, but barring aid workers from entering the country to assist with distribution.