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Indonesia's vanishing rice farms

Rice paddies across Asia are being replaced by golf courses and luxury hotels and workers are leaving the fields for factory jobs, as Rebecca Henschke reports on an endangered species - the rice farmers of Indonesia.


Unpopular opinion

Fair Game's Matt Pack offers an unpopular opinion on former German zoo sensation "Knut" the polar bear.


China rescue effort continues

The rescue effort for earthquake survivors continues in China, one week later, and The World's Mary Kay Magistad reports that in Beichuan, one of the worst hit areas, local officials are now being criticized for not having done enough to save lives.


Cultural expressions of grief

A two-hour ceremony commemorating the victims of the earthquake has just been broadcast on Chinese TV, and The World's Alex Gallafent looks at how different cultures manage mass grief.


Myanmar aid efforts

Lisa Mullins speaks with Jean-Sebastien Matte, emergency coordinator for the international aid agency "Doctors Without Borders" in Yangon, Burma, about efforts to provide emergency relief.

Arts, Culture & Media

Geo answer

The island of Unst is the answer to today's Geo Quiz. It's the most northerly populated island off Scotland. Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with homeowner Michael Ray who's built a zero-carbon house on the island.


John Bolton

The Takeaway asks former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, John Bolton, what is to become of the two and half million people who are at risk in Myanmar after the cyclone.


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