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Extra-terrestrial life

Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with University of East Anglia professor Andrew Watson about his recent paper on the likelihood of finding intelligent life on another planet; his mathematical model says: not very likely.

Global Politics

Fuel or Food?

The World's Gerry Hadden reports that top scientists at the European Union are asking the EU to suspend a program that calls for increasing the use of bio-fuels.


Living Green

'To the Best of Our Knowledge' takes a look at how individuals are trying to do good for the planet.


Allergic reaction to climate change

Alaska used to be a great place to live if you have allergies as pollen counts are low on a tundra. But with climate change, n tundra giving way to flora and insects are moving in. Host Bruce Gellerman talks with Jeffrey Demain, founder/director of the Alaska Allergy Asthma and Immunology Center, about climate change and allergy development.

Conflict & Justice

Palestinian town in limbo

The World's Quil Lawrence reports on a Palestinian town that's been left a no man's land by the Israeli security barrier, while pollution from the village is also forcing Israelis and Palestinians to work together to solve the problem.


Jim Steele

Journalist Jim Steele talks about why Monsanto, the world's largest seed company, has taken to patrolling small-town America in search of farmers who are violating its genetically-modified seed patents.

Conflict & Justice

Geo Answer: Djabal Refugee Camp

The answer to today's Geo Quiz is the Djabal Refugee Camp in eastern Chad near the border with Sudan. The refugee camp is documented online in an new geographical feature of Google Earth. It's done in conjunction with the UN refugee agency.


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