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Taliban declare victory as last US troops leave Afghanistan

Top of The World: The last US troops have left Afghanistan to meet the Aug. 31 withdrawal deadline, ending the longest war the United States has ever fought. And, US climate envoy and former secretary of state, John Kerry, is in Southeast Asia for climate talks. Also, Iraq’s foreign minister has reportedly said that talks between rivals Iran and Saudi Arabia are underway in Baghdad.

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Rockets targeting Kabul airport intercepted

Top of The World: US anti-missile defenses intercepted rockets fired at Kabul’s airport on Monday. And, category 4 Hurricane Ida plowed into Louisiana on Sunday, knocking out power and leading to at least one death. Also, the European Union is set to recommend new restrictions on nonessential travel from the US.

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Explosion outside of the Kabul airport

Top of The World: The Pentagon has confirmed an explosion outside of Kabul airport, with an unclear number of casualties. And, operators of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant are planning to build an undersea tunnel to release treated radioactive water into the ocean. Also, a new study suggests that the threat of death and illness from malaria in children could be reduced by 70%.

Climate Change

Discussion: Climate change and a deepening global health crisis


Climate change is driving extreme weather events across the globe and exacerbating health conditions and disparities. The World's Environment Editor and Correspondent Carolyn Beeler moderated a discussion with Harvard T.H. Chan School's Renee Salas, who explored the deepening crisis at the intersection of climate change and health.

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Chaos in Kabul as Taliban takes over Afghanistan

Top of The World: The Taliban swept into Kabul on Sunday, installing itself in the presidential palace after taking over one provincial capital after another with shocking speed. For many Afghans, the widespread uncertainty gripping Afghanistan has led to a desperate rush to escape the country. Also, a powerful 7.2-magnitude earthquake in Haiti has left more than 1,200 people dead with thousands of homes and other buildings reduced to rubble.