Global Politics

Zimbabwe deal under scrutiny

The World's Laura Lynch reports on the power-sharing deal reached in Zimbabwe. The agreement is supposed to end a bitter dispute between President Robert Mugabe and opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai.

Global Politics

Poland gets a visit from an angry Russian diplomat

Russian foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov, is expected to express Moscow's anger at the agreement by Poland to host part of the planned American missile defense system in Eastern Europe during a visit to Poland. The Russian military has warned that the installation could become a target for a nuclear strike.

Conflict & Justice

Looking for Bin Laden

The World's Jason Margolis reports that the Bush Administration is stepping up its hunt for extremists -- including Osama bin Laden -- inside Pakistan's tribal areas. But Pakistan's military isn't pleased about it.

Conflict & Justice

Al Qaeda in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia was home to many of the men who carried out the 9-11 attacks. Today, al Qaeda's ideology is still present in the country. Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with Mideast expert Gregory Gause about Saudi Arabia's recent efforts to fight extremism.

Conflict & Justice

Canada's days numbered in Afghanistan

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper sent a blunt message to Afghanistan today. He said that Canada would not renew its military mission there past 2011. Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with John Ivison with Canada's National Post newspaper.


Hard-hit Haiti after four major storms

The World's Lisa Mullins speaks with Dr. Paul Farmer, co-founder of Partners in Health, about the floods in Haiti and their aftermath. Doctor Farmer has been providing care to people in central Haiti for more than 20 years.

Conflict & Justice

Withdrawing troops from Iraq

President Bush announced today that the United States will withdraw about 8,000 additional combat and support troops from Iraq by February. That would put troop levels there about where they were before the President ordered the surge.