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Gay marriage in Romania

Three European countries have legalized gay marriage but not all European countries are heading in that direction, and The World's Aaron Schachter reports that Romania is considering a measure that would outlaw same-sex marriage.

Conflict & Justice

Mary Lou Wallner

Faith talks to Mary Lou Wallner, an Arkansas mother who founded a ministry to educate people about the negative consequences of homophobia after the suicide of her lesbian daughter.


Spring training in Havana

Anchor Lisa Mullins looks back at the time when Jackie Robinson first traveled to spring training with the Brooklyn Dodgers: the year was 1947 -- and, for fear of racial trouble, the Dodgers decided to hold their training in Cuba instead of Florida.

Global Politics

Former president's Hamas strategy

The World's Aaron Schachter reports on former President Jimmy Carter's controversial decision to meet with Hamas leaders during his visit to the Middle East this week; Hamas is considered a terrorist organization by both the US and Israeli governments.


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