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Conflict & Justice

Our stories in this section range from war to peace and fairness to freedom across the globe

Global Politics

Reaction from Zimbabwe's neighbors

Most of Zimbabwe's neighbors have been slow to criticize President Robert Mugabe or even publicly address reports of violence toward his opponents, but there have been more voices of dissent in the past week, as The World's Jason Margolis has more.

Conflict & Justice

Part V: The UN Security Council tackles the issue

Rape has long been seen as a by-product of war, rather than a tactic used to terrorize populations and control territory. Now the UN Security Council is set to change that. Tomorrow the Council is expected to label rape a weapon of war and a threat to peace and stability. Advocates say the move is long overdue.

Global Politics

Israel's diplomatic initiatives

Israel has been engaging in an unusual number of talks with some of its sworn enemies, and Reporter Matt Guttman takes a look at the flurry of diplomatic initiatives, including a ceasefire with Hamas set to take effect tomorrow.

Global Politics

Talking to the enemy

Anchor Marco Werman speaks with Bill Quandt, Mideast expert at the University of Virginia, about Israel's talks with some of its longtime enemies, Syria and the Lebanese militant group, Hezbollah.


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