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Is wind the way to go?

Wind turbines have been heavily promoted in good-looking television ads, but the prospect of having turbines next door has made some people concerned about the noise and disruption. Today marks the last day for public comment on putting turbines far offshore, on the outer continental shelf.

Global Politics

California's budget delay sets a new record

The California state legislature is late in approving the state's latest budget -? as of today, 70 days late. Typically, this would be a minor bureaucratic matter confined to partisan squabbling in Sacramento. But Julie Small says the delay is now having human costs, with community colleges and hospitals feeling a pinch.


Gold fever

The lust that once lured prospectors to California is today drawing countless thousands to remote tropical rainforests on a quest for gold. But Smithsonian scientist William Laurance says the thirst for gold and other metals is fueled by both illegal and legal trade that carries heavy social, environmental and public health costs.