700 snippets of wisdom — all drawn by hand

Everyone makes New Year's resolutions. It's an annual ritual. But some are more ambitious than others: Garman Herigstad's, for example. Once a special effects artist for movies and TV, Herigstad wants to explore more fully another kind of art — on a rather large canvas.


Watch office workers become athletic gods

When SmugMug, a Silicon Valley photo-hosting startup, wanted some pictures for the company gym, it turned to Benjamin Von Wong. What resulted was a dramatic series that turned the company's employees into extreme athletic warriors in black and white.


Timbuktu nearly lost its heritage. Now it's on exhibit in a Brussels museum

Centuries old books that were smuggled out of Timbuktu during the siege of the city by Islamist rebels are now on display at the Centre for Fine Arts in Brussels. The Timbuktu Renaissance exhibition is a glimpse at what's been called one of the biggest cultural rescue operations ever carried out during a political-ideological war.