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Corona Diaries: Open-source project chronicles pandemic life via voice notes

With much of the world still under lockdown because of the coronavirus pandemic, many are turning to their diaries to document this incredible time. Now, fellows from Harvard’s Nieman Foundation for Journalism have teamed up with a sound artist and developer to create the "Corona Diaries" — an open-source audio project where anyone can contribute their audio story.

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Coronavirus cases pass 1 million; poor communities left vulnerable; love in the time of corona

Global cases of the novel coronavirus have surged past 1 million. In the US, economists predict 30 million people could be out of work by the end of April. Poor communities in Kenya feel particularly vulnerable as the coronavirus spreads and the government enforces brutal crackdown measures. And love in the time of coronavirus: From video-chat first dates to impromptu cohabitation, love will find a way.