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2014 Creative Resolutions

What’s that creative project you’ve been meaning to get done? Let’s make 2014 the year to make it happen.

As 2013 drew to a close, we asked you to declare your creative New Year’s resolution; we heard from more than 300 people ready to write, compose, build, dance, and perform. We’ll follow four people throughout the year:

      → Mike, composer


      → Adrienne, painter


      → Julie, comedian


      → Gabriel, musician


Send them your advice — and cheer them on!

We hope their creativity and ambition is contagious.

Arts, Culture & Media

DIY Mermaid

Jolene Oldham from Ringwood, New Jersey, resolved to "build a realistic mermaid tail out of silicone rubber and swim all the way around the island of Manhattan."

Arts, Culture & Media

In the Home Stretch

November Update: It's been surprising to discover that singing doesn't appeal to me as once it did. Playing guitar and writing songs has my undivided attention and I'm good with that.

Arts, Culture & Media

Hello Louisville!

September Update: I finally made it to Louisville! I am living at the OPEN Gallery — an artist live/work space, gallery, and performance venue. Soooo good for my creative soul.

Arts, Culture & Media

Music and Lyrics

June Update: I’m excited to report that Jenrose Fitzgerald and I are working on mostly original material. I am feeling more confident about singing and trusting of my voice. I am cont...


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