Exile Tibetan booth officials look at a green book, a necessary document for Tibetans to vote, during the second and final round of voting to elect their parliamentarians and the leader of the Central Tibetan Administration

Tibetans in exile elect a new president

Penpa Tsering, the new president-elect of the Central Tibetan Administration, said his first priority is to build trust. The election comes at a critical time for the Tibetan diaspora, as China tightens its grip on the region.

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Fighting between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip intensified Thursday night, for the fifth day in a row. And, the CDC released new recommendations lifting indoor mask mandates for vaccinated people. In other parts of the world, including Greece, people are celebrating the lifting of other restrictions. Also, a taboo industry has gone mainstream in China: grave robbing.


Top of The World: A series of deadly shootings in Atlanta on Tuesday evening is raising fears among Asian American communities after learning that six of the eight victims were women of Asian descent. And, a newly declassified US intelligence report found that Russian President Vladimir Putin authorized influence operations to help Donald Trump during the recent presidential election.

Along the US-Mexico border, the number of migrants trying to enter the United States is increasing dramatically. Most are being turned away by the US in the name of COVID-19 health precautions. At the same time, the Biden administration is allowing unaccompanied children to enter the United States. Host Marco Werman speaks with Enrique Valenzuela, who works for the state of Chihuahua in Mexico, near the Texas border.

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