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Civilians say 'time to say no for war' after dozens of Yemeni children die in school bus attack

Yemenis mourned the deaths of about 30 children following a Thursday air strike on a busload of school boys.

Will blind people use Braille in the future?

Some people believe technology will render Braille obsolete and that blind people will choose talking apps and audiobooks over embossed dots. But Braille has been written off many times before and each time, it has come back stronger.

Ukrainian folk punk band DakhaBrakha sings a decidedly feminist message

People describe DakhaBrakha's music as "ethno chaos." It's a mix of Ukrainian traditional music with contemporary political and social messages.

Economists to Trump: You’re dead wrong on tariff revenues

President Donald Trump said tariffs will reduce "large amounts" of the US's $21 trillion debt and reduce American taxes. Can tariffs do that?

It's so hot in Berlin that people are cooling down in an old WWII bunker

Berlin doesn't have many buildings with air-conditioning so people are looking for ways to cool off. One of the best is visiting an underground ruin from World War II.

Across Women's Lives

Ukraine's first female police officers won't be posing for selfies anymore. They're too busy doing their jobs.

Once prohibited from active duty, Ukraine's female officers are done being a novelty and are hoping to change the public perception of the police force in Kiev.

Global Security

US risks fallout from UAE's prisoner abuse scandal in Yemen

A new report confirming prisoner abuses in southern Yemen is amping up concern in Washington, DC. "It's just going to further radicalize the Yemeni people," Senator Chris Murphy says.

Did Trump commit treason in Helsinki?

There's a serious word that's been thrown around a lot since Donald Trump held a joint news conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki on Monday. It's the word "treason." The thing is, Trump is not guilty of treason as the US Constitution defines the term.

Global Nation

When the government wrongly deports people, coming back to the US is almost impossible

It took 16 years for Herberth Cortez Gaitan to have his asylum case heard, 9 more for him to be deported — and 2 years for him to return to the US after a federal court found that immigration judges had made a mistake.

As Muslim students fight for protection, some parents battle to keep Islam out of schools

The San Diego school district worked with a Muslim organization after Muslim students said they were bullied. A group of parents sued, saying the school district singled out Muslim students as a special religious group.

Despite losing its state child care license — and years of claims of abuses — an immigrant family detention center in Pennsylvania made room for more families

Advocates say the state is turning a blind eye to violations of state law by allowing the Berks County Residential Center to remain in operation.

The US is using an expanded fingerprint database to review the citizenship of thousands of Americans

Revoking someone’s US citizenship is rare. But the Trump administration is making it a priority to investigate thousands of records of naturalized citizens in order to find fraudulent cases.

This mother and daughter have been reunited, but there is still much of their life they need to put back together

Sandy González-García and her mother Angélica were separated for 55 days. Back together now, they still have a lot to work out about their new lives in the US.

Livable Planet

A Wyoming town looks beyond coal ... to new uses for coal

Coal has driven Wyoming’s economy for decades. The state sits on hundreds of years of coal reserves. But the world is slowly moving away from coal, leaving some towns at a crossroads.

How do we process doom-and-gloom climate news? How should we?

“Climate change has all the hallmarks of an issue which is difficult for people to engage with psychologically,” says an environmental psychologist.

The UK’s move away from coal means they’re burning wood from the US

Europe and the US say wood pellets are a carbon neutral alternative to coal. Many experts say otherwise.

Studio 360

‘I Will Survive’ at 40

When Gloria Gaynor recorded the B-side to her 1978 single, she knew it was a hidden hit.

American Icons: ‘Walden’

Why do we still read a book about a cranky guy who lived in the woods?

American Icons: Leonard Bernstein's ‘Young People's Concerts’

How Leonard Bernstein introduced classical music to kids.