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US President Donald Trump owes hundreds of millions of dollars to a foreign bank, The New York Times reports, and he regularly pays taxes to several foreign governments — while paying little to no tax to the US government. His foreign financial entanglements might pose issues for US national security. And, Southeast Asian nations seeing large investments from China. But opening the door to investment from China also comes with risks. Plus, two years ago, scientists were shocked to find a large, watery lake beneath the icy south pole on Mars. Now, the same scientists are getting clearer answers on the potential for life on the Red Planet.

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More than half of Generation Z believes climate change is tied to human activity, and one in four Gen Zers is Latino. These trends set up young Latinos to be a key demographic leading the charge on climate activism — politically and at home. 


Migration is an adaptive strategy that builds on a long tradition of people moving around the world for better lives and opportunities. In her new book, author Sonia Shah argues we must reframe migration as a solution to the climate crisis — not a crisis itself.


After spending almost his entire adult life in a cell, Chanthon Bun was released from prison July 1 and expected to be put in ICE custody for potential deportation. But ICE agents never showed up — and it may be due to a public campaign to keep immigrants out of ICE detention during the coronavirus pandemic.


The path to victory in the US presidential election in November cannot afford to ignore the Latino vote. But Latinas' voting power goes beyond their individual votes: They’re likely to encourage friends and family to vote, too.

Maha al-Mutairi filmed herself after being called in to the police station for being an openly transgender woman in Kuwait, where “imitating the opposite sex” is illegal. Her message went viral, and sparked a groundswell of support and attention for the LGBTQ community in the country.

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