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Joint US-Mexico effort to focus on drug kingpins’ financial infrastructure

This new joint effort between the US and Mexico also doubles down on the controversial kingpin strategy — the idea that you break up cartels by targeting their leaders.

In New York, a Sisyphean task on the Hudson comes to an end

A year ago, some mysterious stone figures appeared on the banks of the Hudson in Manhattan. They're the work of Uliks Gryka.

How Cheburashka taught me about my mother's Soviet upbringing

Cheburashka’s creator died last week. I asked my mom about her thoughts on being a Young Pioneer and how the Soviet cartoon influenced her life.

Across Women's Lives

This woman bodybuilder in Myanmar is using Facebook to advocate for harsher penalties for rape

A recent Myanmar government report says the number of rape cases in Myanmar increased by nearly 30 percent from 2016-2017.

Global Security

Civilians say 'time to say no for war' after dozens of Yemeni children die in school bus attack

Yemenis mourned the deaths of about 30 children following a Thursday air strike on a busload of school boys.

US risks fallout from UAE's prisoner abuse scandal in Yemen

A new report confirming prisoner abuses in southern Yemen is amping up concern in Washington, DC. "It's just going to further radicalize the Yemeni people," Senator Chris Murphy says.

Global Nation

What happens when you let everyone in the world audition for a Hollywood studio film

Three people who participated in the viral #CrazyRichAsiansCasting campaign earned their first ever parts in a big motion picture. Here’s why director Jon M. Chu thought it was necessary to scour the globe for Asian actors for “Crazy Rich Asians.”

How to get beyond a tourist fantasy of Singapore

Watching ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ this week? Here are some other perspectives on the island — that go beyond the uber-rich narrative.

When the government wrongly deports people, coming back to the US is almost impossible

It took 16 years for Herberth Cortez Gaitan to have his asylum case heard, 9 more for him to be deported — and 2 years for him to return to the US after a federal court found that immigration judges had made a mistake.

As Muslim students fight for protection, some parents battle to keep Islam out of schools

The San Diego school district worked with a Muslim organization after Muslim students said they were bullied. A group of parents sued, saying the school district singled out Muslim students as a special religious group.

Livable Planet

A Wyoming town looks beyond coal ... to new uses for coal

Coal has driven Wyoming’s economy for decades. The state sits on hundreds of years of coal reserves. But the world is slowly moving away from coal, leaving some towns at a crossroads.

How do we process doom-and-gloom climate news? How should we?

“Climate change has all the hallmarks of an issue which is difficult for people to engage with psychologically,” says an environmental psychologist.

The UK’s move away from coal means they’re burning wood from the US

Europe and the US say wood pellets are a carbon neutral alternative to coal. Many experts say otherwise.

Studio 360

The golden age of anonymous music

The curious world of vintage stock music libraries, a groundbreaking radio thriller and America’s most prestigious cinema: the White House.

Readymade soundtracks for imaginary films

How library music composers anonymously churned out some of the strangest, funkiest music of the ‘60s, ‘70s and ‘80s.

‘Sorry, Wrong Number’

The groundbreaking radio drama about crossed signals, and a phone call you weren’t supposed to hear.

Movie nights at the White House

One man’s quest to find every movie ever seen by a US president.