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In the last week, news from Yemen began with a diplomatic victory but ended with a spike in violence. Attacking the world's worst humanitarian crisis, experts say, hinges on "actually stopping the fighting."

While China’s government has cracked down on women’s rights activists through censorship, an informal network of Chinese citizens living abroad are working to support their efforts to combat sexual harassment and inequality back home. They want to bring the stories of activists and other women in China to international audiences.

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If other parties to the Iran nuclear agreement don't work to ease sanctions pressures, Iran could walk away from the deal, as US President Donald Trump did one year ago. "The difference is that if Iran walks away from the nuclear deal, then it will restart all the aspects of the nuclear program that the deal had constrained," says Dina Esfandiary.

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Online travel platforms can connect you to amazing experiences. They’re also valuable when you want to find out if a business is worth the money or if a hotel has clean sheets. But when there’s a serious safety concern somewhere, it’s unclear whether the platform will alert you.

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