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PRI SignPRI staff members are deeply engaged in their roles, working toward the collective good of the company, the public and their co-workers. They are responsible for what they do and how they do it. They stand up for what they know to be true and speak up to share their ideas and opinions with others.


Job Opportunities

Manager, Finance-Revenue


Top 10 reasons to work for PRI:

  1. We are Mission Driven: PRI’s mission is to serve audiences as a distinctive content source for information, insights and cultural experiences essential to living in our diverse, interconnected world.  We strive to grow people’s understanding of the world; increase participation and action based on this knowledge; and expand the availability of essential content in the media ecosystem through PRI’s direct efforts and by spurring other media organizations to emulate our work. 

  2. Our People:  The opportunity to work with people who are bright, original, truly passionate about their work and who care about the world we live in.  But that’s not all! We are a fun group with diverse interests, from music to travel to performing and athletics!  That means lunch-time conversations often provide surprising insights and great stories.  

  3. Our Headquarters:  We moved to the PRI building in 2009, after designing the space to fit our needs and our brand. Our content is playing in the elevator as you take the short ride up to the 5th floor to enter our suite.  Our color scheme is used throughout our space to create a fun and inviting atmosphere!  Our floor plan is open to provide every opportunity for collaboration and a sense of community within our staff. Take a look: 

  4. Public Media:  The challenge of adapting to and taking advantage of new developments in our rapidly-changing landscape. 

  5. Our Content:  We offer a range of content, including global perspectives on PRI’s The World and the CBC's As It Happens, engaging conversations on The Takeaway, cultural voices on Studio 360 with Kurt Andersen and Q, environmental news on Living on Earth, and unexpected insights on The Tobolowsky Files.  Need we say more?  Check out our multimedia stories, all of our programs and our new podcast network SoundWorks.

  6. Our Talent: Our programs feature leaders from public media and beyond, like Kurt Andersen, John Hockenberry, Tavis Smiley, Stephen Tobolowsky, Marco Werman, Steve Curwood and more. We work with them all — and you could, too!

  7. Location, location, location: Our main office is located in Minneapolis, MN, just two blocks from the light rail system, the Twins stadium and a major public bus hub. We have productions and newsrooms at WGBH in Boston and WNYC in New York. 

  8. Benefits: We offer a rich benefit package!    

  9. International in Scope: We work with productions all across the U.S. and Canada, and have affiliate stations in all 50 states. Our content is enjoyed by people around the world, so we connect the dots between local communities and global events, all from right here in Minnesota! 

  10. We’re Small: We have 40 staff members.  Employees enjoy working independently, but also collaborating within their team and teams across different functions.