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An epidemiologist suggests we take cues from the AIDS crisis in dealing with Ebola

While it may seem as though media attention surrounding the Ebola outbreak has dwindled, President Barack Obama has said that "we are nowhere near out of the woods yet in West Africa" — meaning volunteers are still needed. Physician and epidemiologist Sharon McDonnell is one of those volunteers, and she says her experience working during the AIDS crisis offers her some perspective.

The World's Family Choices Series Prompts Debate Around Family Size in US

Prompted by The World's series on family choices in Africa, public media stations across the US debated issues around family size. WFAE, WVXU, WCPN, and KCUR discussed the economics of family size, the changing ideals around the perfect number of children, and to what extent "choice" over family size realistically factors in for American women and parents-to-be.