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Learning that each of us gets stereotyped helps us move beyond the 'single story'

Many students from immigrant families go to diverse schools. But diversity itself doesn't guarantee understanding. Self-segregation and stereotypes persist, even in communities that pride themselves on their multiculturalism. In Cambridge, Massachusetts, middle-school teachers build empathy among classmates by teaching "the danger of a single story."

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The day to remember the 'forgotten genocide'


Between 5 million and 7 million Circassians live around the world, descendants of the native tribes expelled from the Caucasus in the 1860s by Russian Imperial forces. The recent Winter Olympics in their ancestral capital of Sochi angered Circassians, but it also brought them together. They aim to get Russia to recognize a right of return for Circassians. It's a long shot, but these are not people known for giving up easily.