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Despite concerns following the Paris attacks, this high schooler is still going to the climate conference

Sue Natali is a climate scientist who’ll be making a presentation at the Paris climate talks this week. Her son Clancy is a 17-year-old student whose school trip to the conference was cancelled after the Paris attacks. But he’s going with his mom anyway, because he feels climate change is an issue that his generation has to take action on.

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Geo answer and Global Hit

The answer to our Geo Quiz is Nha Trang, the Vietnamese coastal resort that hosted this year's Miss Universe Pageant. And for today's Global Hit we'll hear the title track from a CD called Fragile Beauty. It's a new album by Vietnamese duo.

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Paris terror alert

Police in Paris evacuated the Eiffel Tower last night after they received a bomb threat. France is on a higher than normal state of alert after it got information that a female suicide bomber was planning an attack. Anita Elash reports from Paris.