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Global Politics

Russian dolls bailout

Jessica Goloher reports from Moscow on the Russian government's promise to bail out one of its iconic but troubled industries. Sales of the colorful wooden nesting dolls known as 'Matrioshka,' are plummeting, and their makers are looking for support.

Arts, Culture & Media

The culture of 9-11

The images and tales of 9/11 are absorbed into mainstream culture. Jeff Melnick, professor of American studies at Babson College has studied the process. He put some of those thoughts into a book, called 9-11 Culture. He speaks with anchor Marco Werman.

Global Politics

Behind Taliban lines

The Afghanistan war is reported from the frontlines by journalists embedded with US and international forces. The war is never seen from the other side. Najibullah Quraishi put out word that he would like to interview one of the new Taliban commanders.