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Global Politics

Artic whiskey

Researchers have recovered five crates of whisky belonging to polar explorer Ernest Shackleton, They've been embedded in ice for over a century. Anchor Marco Werman speaks with Richard Paterson, Master Blender at Whyte and Mackay.

Global Politics

Safer beer glasses for Britain

The British government wants pubs to try out shatter proof pint glasses as a way to cut back on beer-related violence. Two prototypes designed not to break into dangerous shards were introduced in London today. Laura Lynch had a look at the new glasses.

Global Politics

McDonald's marks 20 years in Russia

Twenty years ago, Ukraine was still part of the Soviet Union. Mikhail Gorbachev was still in power. The Berlin wall had come down. A bright new sign came to Moscow; McDonald's Golden Arches. That was 20 years ago this week. Analyst Masha Lipman reports.