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Geo answer

We were looking for a wine-growing region in the northern half of Chile. The answer is the Limari Valley. One variety fo wine from there is sold under the label Palin -- spelled P-A-L-I-N -- just like Governor Sarah Palin's last name. Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with Sergio Reyes of the company Geo-Wines which distributes the label.

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Darwin witnessed 1835 Chile quake

Charles Darwin witnessed the devastation caused by a major earthquake in Chile. That was back in 1835. Anchor Marco Werman finds out more about Darwin's observations from Edward O. Wilson, the editor of a recent edition of four of Darwin's greatest books.

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Geo Answer -- Chile

For our Geo Quiz we were looking for the countries where you'd find the Mapuche, an indigenous people. The answers are Chile and Argentina. Mapuche protesters joined crowds along the streets of Santiago yesterday to protest the celebration of Columbus Day. The World's David Leveille reports.