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Israeli music in Berlin

Israeli Jews are now flocking to an unexpected place: Berlin, once the capital of the Nazi regime that murdered millions of Jews. Today about 3,000 Israelis, mostly young artists, have moved there. Reporter Daniel Estrin profiles one Israeli musician.

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'A Film Unfinished'

A decade after World War II, a copy of a film was found titled 'the ghetto.' Another reel was discovered that showed that the scenes in the film were staged. A new documentary attempts to show how the film was really shot. From PRI's The World.

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German economy surges

There may be nervous chatter about a 'double-dip recession.' But Europe's largest economy doesn't seem to be paying attention. Germany posted strong growth from April to June. Jason Margolis tells us what the news in Germany means for Americans.

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The Barbara tunnels

Reporter Daniel Estrin visits Germany's most protected cultural site: 'The Central Hiding Place' of the Federal Republic of Germany, also known as the Barbara tunnels. And it's where the German government kept its most important cultural documents.


Geo Quiz: World Cup oracle

For today's Geo Quiz we've got our eye on a German city along the Emscher River. The city's located in the Ruhr region of North Rhine-Westphalia. It seems the resident octopus is something of an oracle...


Geo answer

For today's Geo Quiz, we were looking for a city where an octopus named Paul has shown an uncanny ability for predicting the outcome of World Cup soccer matches. Anchor Marco Werman speaks with Daniel Fey, the spokesman at Oberhausen's Sea Life Aquarium.

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Geo quiz

Today's Geo Quiz harks back to the Cold War. We're looking for the name of a bridge that spans the Havel River in Germany. It's nicknamed the 'Bridge of Spies.'