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Conflict & Justice

Asylum rules to change

Asylum seekers in the US sometimes have to spend up to a year in an immigration detention facility. But the policy is changing. Asylum seekers could be immediately eligible for supervised release. Correspondent Monica Ortiz Uribe has the story.

Conflict & Justice

Body scanners raise questions

Airports in the US this week are installing a controversial new body scanning device to keep passengers safe. But some question whether the devices are the answer. Ronen Attai is the general manager of the Israeli Security Academy just outside Tel Aviv.

Global Politics

Census 2010

The 2010 census seeks to count everyone. That's not easy in immigrant communities where some are suspicious of government officials. The World's Marina Giovannelli reports on efforts to overcome cultural gaps to get the most accurate census count.

Global Politics

Buddhism and Islam in America

Heated rhetoric swirls around the proposal to build an Islamic community center a few blocks from the World Trade Center site. Scott Kurashige sees a parallel to efforts to block Japanese immigrants from building Buddhist temples around World War II.

Arts, Culture & Media

An Arizona law for Ohio

Sheriff Richard Jones is pressing for a statewide law to require police to verify a person's immigration status during routine stops. It's generating some support among legislators and fear among Latinos. The World's Jason Margolis has the story.