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US sanctions Iranian officials

The US government has slapped economic sanctions on eight Iranian officials for their role in alleged abuses committed after Iran's disputed elections last year. Secretary of State Clinton announced the move today. Anchor Lisa Mullins has details.

Global Politics

Dealing with Iran

John Limbert was the State Department's point man for Iran under President Obama. Like President Obama, Limbert is committed to improving relations with Iran. But Limbert resigned in July, after only nine months on the job. Lisa Mullins talks with him.

Global Politics

Obama urges support for Mideast talks

President Barack Obama has urged fellow world leaders to support Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations currently under way. He was speaking at the 65th UN General Assembly at the organization's New York headquarters. The World's Jason Margolis has more.

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Green electronics for the US

The US based non-profit Green Electronics Council is trying to make the electronics industry more environmentally friendly. Sarah O'Brien, communications director of the council speaks with Lisa Mullins about efforts to green the electronics industry.