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Global Politics

Oil spill logistics

An oil well off the Louisiana coast is still leaking oil into the Gulf of Mexico after it blew up last week. A similar incident occurred last year off the coast of Australia. Anchor Marco Werman speaks with Louisa Rebgetz of Australian Broadcasting.

Conflict & Justice

The price of digging for diamonds

Zimbabwe's government says the country's economy may grow this year. The African country is hoping to raise money through diamond sales. Today in part 2 of her report, Laura Lynch looks at claims that the diamond fields have also become killing fields.

Global Politics

Ethnic clashes in Kyrgyzstan

Anchor Marco Werman speaks with BBC correspondent Rayhan Dymetrie in Uzbekistan, where ethnic clashes have left more than 100 people dead. Members of the Uzbek minority say they've been targeted in the violence.

Science, Tech & Environment

Clean up job

The Coast Guard today reported the death of two workers helping to clean up the spill in the Gulf. Cleaning up the oil is grueling, sometimes dangerous work. Annie Correal is a reporter with El Diario. She reports from the town of Hopedale.

Global Politics

Prison overcrowding in the UK

In Britain, there's a new push to empty overcrowded prisons. The UK has too much prison over-crowding and will announce that fewer offenders will be locked up, more will be rehabilitated. The World's Laura Lynch reports from London.